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CV3 plan set (Citroen 2CV model)

Extended Description

 The set contains 6 drawings, a chassis frame construction manual (notes) and a CV3 build manual (Nostalgic 2006 edition as also sold seperately in this on-line store). The build manual is supplied in Adobe pdf format on CD. There are also a few reference photographs included and there are many more on our website.

The large scale drawings supplied in the plan set include chassis frame details plus details of ancillary parts such as gear change mechanism, brackets, etc. The drawings also details modifications to the 2CV donor parts. In fact everything you need begin building a working car. As in all cases with plan built cars you are expected to improvise and source parts such as the fuel tank etc. from suitable suppliers.

Please refer to the Plans Information Pages of our website before ordering as we are unable to offer refunds on incorrectly ordered plan sets.




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