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CX3 build manual (printed)

Extended Description

This manual is the original CX3 build manual from 2000 with some non-relevant information such as telephone numbers deleted. This is the printed and bound version simlar to the one was supplied to our original customers. The manual is quite comprehensive and contains over 50 pages.

The manual was written before the introduction of UK MSVA (Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval) and we cannot therefore guarantee that any vehicle built by following the instructions in this build manual will meet the requirements of the UK MSVA test or current DVLA UK registration procedures. In countries outside of the UK different rules and regulations may apply and we cannot guarantee compliance with those and regulations.

The manual also contains the BRA CX3 & MG3 wiring loom details including wiring loom colour code, fuse details, etc. The wiring loom details are only suitable for cars which have the BRA CX3/MG3 wiring loom installed.



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