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Use our plans to build your own version of the CX3 or CV3!

Plan sets for the CX3 & CV3 were originally introduced in 1999. The plans include large scale drawings, frame manufacture notes, build manual and reference photographs. Many builders have successfully completed the building of their own chassis (CX3) or body frame (CV3) and built their car to the satisfaction of the registration authorities. We know of plan built cars in the UK, USA, Canada, Spain, Australia and France.

To support the building of plan built cars we originally offered builders many options for purchasing pre-manufactured parts such as fabricated components and GRP body work. We are now unable to supply these parts although still retain many patterns which, subject to demand, would enable us to manufacture them again.

When we initially released the plan sets for sale in 1999 the price was 189 for CX3 plans and 125 for CV3.

These plan sets are now available again at the much reduced price of

99.00 for the CX3 plan set
89 for the CV3 set.

These prices are for a limited time only. Order Now!

 The plans sets include the following:

CX3 (Honda CX500/650 powered roadster).

  • Body frame construction notes.
  • Metal cutting list.
  • Build manual on CD.
  • Over 100 reference photographs on CD.
  • 15 large scale drawings:
    • Top & bottom chassis frame assembly.
    • Various brackets, mounting points, etc.
    • Pedals, pedal box, steering column, badge bar.
    • Gear lever, hand brake lever.
    • Prop shaft.
    • Bottom wishbone.
    • Top wishbone.
    • Front wishbones relative positioning.
    • Front wing stays.
    • Cycle wing stay pattern.
    • Transmission tunnel detail and rear sub-frame/swing arm support detail.
    • Body panels.
    • Speedometer drive unit.
    • Dash pattern and tail board pattern.
    • Seat back & squab patterns.

See the link below for more details.

     CV3 (Citroen 2CV powered roadster).

  • CV3 body frame manufacture notes.
  • Metal cutting list.
  • Build manual on CD.
  • Reference photographs.
  • 6 large scale drawings:
    • Main Body frame (chassis frame).
    • Front bulkhead, clutch cable bracket, gear lever, steering column, front arm assembly, modified eye bolts, modified fan pulley, ignition coil bracket.
    • Cycle wing brackets, front hubs, fuel tank, chassis rear uprights, throttle spring brackets, tube ends, explanation of cutting angles.
    • Modifications to rear arm. Body panels
    • Dash, tail & engine bay side panel patterns.
    • Seat patterns

See the link below for more details.

The plans were obviously drawn before the introduction of UK MSVA (Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval) regulations and UK builders building their car after the introduction of MSVA with the intention of registering it for use on the public highway were advised to familiarise themselves with the MSVA regulations and build their car accordingly. We know of at least three (there were probably many more that never told us) plan built cars which passed the UK MSVA test and were successfully registered for road use.

STOP PRESS. One of our customers has informed us that his plan built CX3 has recently passed the MSVA test. The builder purchased the MSVA guide and made the necessary changes to the chassis and various components including the steering column, seat belts and mountings, braking system (the addition of a rear brake) and cycle wing brackets. Internal and external 'sharp' edges were also modified for the test including the fitting of rubber trim to the likes of cycle wing edges, scuttle edges, etc. Attention was also paid to the various lighting requirements and the builder ensured that proper approved lights were fitted in the correct locations. Other small changes were to the likes of external nuts and bolts where the addition of dome (or acorn) nuts proved easy and very effective. We hope to have pictures of the car here soon.

The MSVA guide is available from VOSA (Vehicle & Operator Services Agency) for just 30. Click here for details.

It is important to note that CV3's that are built using the original donor car (Citroen 2CV) chassis are exempt from the MSVA test!

BRA Cars Honda powered CX3


BRA Cars Citroen powered CV3

Click here for more details on the
plan set


Click here for more details on the
plan set

NB the original tracings and copyright to these plans are owned by
James Mather who has kindly agreed to allow BRA to produce and sell
copies either directly of via agents or distributors.


NB the original tracings and copyright to these plans are owned by
James Mather who has kindly agreed to allow BRA to produce and sell
copies either directly of via agents or distributors.

These plan sets and other parts are available Now in our On-Line parts shop.
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