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Paul Waterman The Elms WarringtonThe building of David's CX3, 1998/9.

My CX3 was built at The Elms, Warrington, which was the home of Paul Waterman. Paul often helped and his help and kindness was always appreciated.
Sadly Paul died in January 2005 aged just 33.

A great guy and sadly missed.

David Wiles.

BRA CX3 turnkeyThe building of a CX3 demonstrator, 1999.


BRA CV3 demonstratorThe building of a CV3 demonstrator, 1999.

Sadly we have lost some of the photographs from this set.
They will be somewhere in a strip of negatives, yes, negatives!

Thankfully we now have digital cameras!


Volkswagon Beetle 3 wheeler A small selection of pictures from the good old days of BRA.

We did some crazy things!

BRA CV3 sportsA small selection of our many photographs of
customers cars.

Does anyone know where this is?!
No, not the car, the trailer. It was made by us to carry
 3-wheeled cars (saves people asking if they can borrow it!) and it was pinched from outside our factory in 2000.
We would dearly love to know who took it..... and why!
BRA car trailer - 3 wheeler

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