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A few interesting BRA facts and figures...

    Each CX3 chassis takes over 40 hours to manufacture!

    Each CV3 or Leighton body frame takes just 8 hours to manufacture!

    At the peak of production at our factory in Flint, North Wales we produced over 30 CX3/CV3 kits per month!

    During just one weekend in 1999 26 customers collected their CV3 kits!

    BRA were the first company to keep a new model covered up at a kit car show; uncovering the car at 12 noon to a standing ovation from one of the biggest crowds ever to wait to see a new kit car launch - The launch of the CV3, Stafford, March 1998!

    It took over two days to pack and crate a CX3 kit for shipping abroad!

    The last CX3 manufactured in our North Wales factory was sent to a customer in Auckland, New Zealand!

    The BRA demonstration cars took over three months to build!

    At a kit car show in Edinburgh in 1999 someone reversed a Bentley Azure into our nice new CV3 demonstration car - completely trashing the body panels on one side! Seriously!

    The weather at that same Edinburgh kit car show was the coldest on record (the BRA cold camping record!).

    BRA had the biggest stand at the 1999 Stafford Kit Car Show with a total of seven cars on display!

    BRA was approved by Police & DLVA for issuing our own unique Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN's)!

    An explanation of the BRA VIN's (using VIN: BRA-CX3-GRO-1199-03-DW)

    The first three digits were always BRA - the manufacturer.
    The next three digits refer to the model of car (in this case a CX3). Variations in these three digits were: CV3, MG3, MR3, LEI (Leighton), plus a few one-off model codes we used for prototype cars.
    The next three digits were the manufacturing location. We had three:

      • GRO - Grosvenor Works, Flintshire.
      • MAN - Manor Industrial Estate, Flintshire.
      • ELM - The Elms, Warrington (fully built car workshop only).

    The next four digits referred to the date of chassis manufacture, in this case November 1999.
    The next two digits are the monthly sequential production number of the chassis (in this case this is the 3rd chassis of this particular type manufactured in November 1999)
    The last two digits were the initials of the first owner or the international agent reference code (B1= Oracle Cars, Belgium; P1= BRA Motors, Portugal, CA = BRA Replica Cars, USA; I1= Tritek Engineering, Italy)

    Note:  Chassis numbers are used as a reference for BRA and are made up from the date of manufacture plus the monthly sequential production number. In the example above the chassis number would be 119903. The chassis number and VIN appear on the BRA chassis plate but only the VIN is stamped onto the actual chassis (legal requirement).

    More trivia...

    BRA Motorworks had agents in Belgium, Portugal, Italy and the USA!

    The top speed of a Honda ST1100 powered version of a CX3 was in excess of 120MPH. We say "in excess" because no-one had the nerve to drive it any faster!

    The handling characteristics of the prototype MR3 were likened to those of a production sports car!

    In 1999, following successful sales of our cars in five countries, BRA won an Export Award from the
    Welsh Trade Office.

    In 2003 BRA designed and built two production prototypes for a road legal buggy based on the NCF Blitz chassis design. The Blitz chassis was modified to accept the sub-frame, complete with K-series engine etc., from a 1990's Metro. Both prototypes, known as 'Q4 Challengers', were successfully registered and are still owned by us.

    BRA Engineering, the sister company of BRA Motor Works, manufactured a range of heavy duty Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) mounting equipment including various brackets, columns, camera mounts, etc. The company, along with some of the same machinery that was used to produce our cars, was sold in 2002.

    BRA Engineering designed and manufactured a bespoke corner mounted CCTV bracket for use throughout the Tate Modern, London!

    BRA Engineering manufactured a range of very unusual CCTV mounting brackets for the London Underground; unusual because they were made to match the various contours of the tunnels or station ceilings!

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