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We now have a small range of popular BRA parts available to purchase from this directly from this website. The range may be extended soon.

Our parts store currently includes CX3 & CV3 Build Manuals, BRA Badges and BRA Chassis Plates. We often manufacture small batches of 'in-demand' parts and these are also included in our on-line store.

The build manuals are copies of our original build manuals from 2000 with some non-relevant information such as telephone numbers deleted. The manuals were written before the introduction of UK MSVA (Motorcycle Single Vehicle Approval) and we cannot therefore guarantee that any vehicle built by following the instructions in the build manuals will meet the requirements of the UK MSVA test or current DVLA UK registration procedures.

The CX3 build manual was also supplied to purchasers of CX3 variants including the MG3 (Moto Guzzi) and ST1100 (Honda Pan-European) and no specific build manual is available for these cars. The build manuals are a great reference for current owners of  CV3's and CX3's and its derivatives.

We are unable to supply build manuals for the BRA Cobra 289/427, BRA Leighton or BRA MR3.

We are also tempted to have a small batch of our large BRA umbrellas made. Only 20 of the original umbrellas were made back in 2000 and we often receive requests for them. If we receive enough advanced orders we will have another 20 made. We anticipate the cost being in the region of 35ukp each.
Details will be here soon.

CV3 & CX3 plan sets are now available to purchase from our Parts Store!
Build your own car from plans, just like the good old days!

Visit the Parts Store here.


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